Cloud Services

[image]Entersoft provides its Entersoft Business Suite® ERP System in the Cloud based on Microsoft Azure® platform. Entersoft realizes its plans for optimized business software offering to empower its customers’ efficiency and flexibility. Cloud Services offer extended capabilities, fast initialization, increased accessibility, incorporate flexible costs according to usage needs with a “pay as you go and grow” pricing model along with significantly lower startup costs compared with an on premise solution.



  • Scalability according to demand provides improved flexibility.

  • Availability can reach at 99.95% which combined with fast connection to the services increase user experience and high quality services provision and accessibility

  • No additional software licenses are required, such as Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, Internet Information Server, Fire-wall, anti-viruses and more.

  • Automatic OS administration

  • For large scale projects Staging and Production environment is helpful

  • Fast switch between staging and production

  • Geo-location redundancy

  • Centralized administration enables better support as the server environment is standardized (no variations on hardware/software installed) and easily accessible to the support team.

  • Audit trail and advanced logging infrastructure on top of the application’s logging mechanisms

  • Premium Support from specialized Microsoft Azure Professionals (for critical issues they can provide even less than 2 hour response – depending on the support model)

  • State of the art technology for cloud services which is ideal for mobile, Microsoft .NET framework applications (Microsoft is investing millions every year through the Microsoft Research Labs to create and incorporate new technologies and capabilities to both software and hardware of their data centers, at no extra charge while updates come for free)

  • Increased security: the physical & logical security provided by Microsoft is much higher than any single shop can achieve, with numerous control systems

  • Achieved Compliance though multiple international certifications